Autumn Agenda 2020

Hosted by ELearning Vet on 12th/13th September 2020

Head to Tail, Derm meets Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Internal Medicine

Saturday 12th September 2020

09:00 Perioral dermatoses – Hilary Jackson
09:45 Dentistry meets dermatology – João Filipe Requicha
10:30 Break and commercial presentation
11:00 Diseases affecting the planum nasale – Hilary Jackson
11:45 What goes wrong in the nose-can it affects the outside? – Marge Chandler
12:30 Lunch and commercial presentation
14:00 An ocular disease of dermatological interest – Heidi Featherstone

Periocular dermatoses – Hilary Jackson

15:30 Break and commercial presentation

16:00 Internal disease leading to dermatoses, hormonal – Ian Ramseyo
16:45 Internal disease leading to dermatoses, nutritional – Marge Chandler
17:30 AGM

Sunday 13th September 2020

09:00 A Neurologists guide to ear disease – Alberta de Stefani-Llabres 
09:45 Chiari Malformationsyringohydromelia, PSOM, what do dermatologists need to know?
Alberta de Stefani-Llabres 
10:30 Break and commercial presentation 
11:00 Dermatological aspects of ear disease – Hilary Jackson 
11:45 Food allergy, clinical signs and diagnosis – Hilary Jackson
12:45 Lunch and commercial presentation
14:00 Food allergy from an internists perspective – Marge Chandler 

Microbiome & Probiotics: how do they work, when do we use them? – Marge Chandler 

15:30 Abstracts